I always wonder what to say here. Should I dazzle you with how much I love photography or how passionate I am about it? Well... I do and I am but I'm sure you've figured that out!

I'm a Mom to three lovely girls and a wife to an incredible husband. I love Jesus with all my heart and want everything I do to glorify Him.

Photography is a means to record memories. Nothing says it quite like a beautiful wedding photo, a relaxed family portrait, or a permanent record of your sweet sleepy newborn.

Our goal is to capture those precious times in a meaningful way for you. At a wedding you'll meet my husband and often my Uncle Dave. We're a great team, working together not only to get the shots you want but to make sure your day is fun and runs smoothly. For smaller shoots, it's just me! There are no diva's here! We're are fun, relaxed and roll with mishaps, craziness and unpredictability that comes from being human (and having smaller ones involved!)

Hope to meet you soon!