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When we moved to Mission I was a little bit hesitant… to say the least. I love big cities. I love the vibe, the busy-ness, the always seeing new people. I love the access to the arts and culture and the ability to walk out your door and find something to do.  However… I have been pleasantly surprised. The pace of life is slower but I’ve found that makes me slow down and appreciate. The physical atmosphere is quieter but I can listen… and hear.

I was really hesitant about what it would do to my young kids… I mean… c’mon… we all know what happens to kids who come from small towns (wink, wink… I grew up in Leduc, AB). Well…  we have found an amazing church that challenges us to KNOW God, with people in it that truly desire to glorify God in all they do. And… we found a wonderful Christian school for our kids to attend. It is small and growing. It is full of teachers who are there, not for the pay cheque, but to come along side us and invest in our children.  We are thrilled to be a part of this community.

Here are the high schoolers of Valley Christian School and Nyah, our Grade 12 graduate. Most of these kids have been home schooled until recently so this is a new season and a new challenge for them. For those of you waiting to graduate, do not take these years for granted. Use them well to study and grow and develop your character. May you never lose sight of the most important thing… all that Christ did for you.  Nyah… may you continue to trust God and lean on Him in all your future decisions. You don’t need to do anything, He did it all for you already!! Congratulations!!

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