Sid & Katy and GIRLS!!!! {Mission Family Photography}

December 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. To those who have trusted me with your memories this year…. thank you. I know these moments are precious and I feel honored to be chosen to capture them. If you’re stopping by for a look, thank you! The internet is a busy place and I appreciate you checking out my work.

It is always so lovely to spend time with this precious family and their girls. Not only have I had the privilege of photographing them more than a few times, I can also call them friends!

Growing girls mean ACTION!! I think Baby E would have rather taken her tutu and filled it with gravel and dirt and whatever else happened to be within reach! We managed to keep her reasonably contained but I think the best shots came when we let her roam free (take a look for the “less than impressed” big sister). C and Big E are VERY patient big sisters…. at least from what I saw😉

Stay tuned for Baby E’s Cake Smash… probably after the holidays! Merry Christmas all!

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