Paul and Heather Expecting {White Rock Maternity Photography}

March 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to the wild weather of the wet (?) coast! Despite Heather and I planning thoroughly… we booked two dates… and feeling like we were prepared for all eventualities… except for blizzards… the weather almost got us. However, being the tough, get-er-done women that we are, we dragged our men out into the weather and got-er-done!! (OKAY… Paul and Orlando get credit too… Paul for doing this shoot with sopping sneaker feet and Orlando for holding on to a freezing metal pole with no gloves… real men I say!!)

And it was crazy! Snow everywhere, blowing, swirling, take your breath away cold but we all rocked it anyway. It was quick, with a location change in the middle (oh how I love warm cars), but we got some stellar shots. Thanks for hanging in there guys. 

This session was extra special for me. For those of you who are not aware, Paul is my brother and it is just so completely amazing to see him so happy with his wife. Heather, we love you so much!! We are over the moon excited for this new arrival.

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