Mitchell and Kaden Grad

August 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So... this was fun! Mitchell is my cousin and Kaden is his good friend and future university roommate. According to MEI tradition, grad requires a red carpet entry with a "please be creative" requirement. I'm guessing these guys got a LOT of laughs!!

It's been such a privilege witnessing Mitchell growing up and being able to see him mature in his faith and love for the Lord. He's had his struggles with his knee (hence the photo at the end) but no matter what the circumstances, with God's strength, he was able to trust in the Lord and be so gracious with the disappointments that he endured. So proud of you Mitchell and thankful for your family and your quiet, humble spirit!

Kaden I don't know you as well but I surely know you have chosen an excellent friend! Praying for you both in this next stage of life!


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